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30 Day Mental Health Challenge

Struggling to cope with the end of the year stress? Join our free 30 Day Mental Health Challenge to help you survive the last stretch until the holidays!


Cope with the stress, rush and craziness of year end by taking our 30 day challenge. We can only create change by changing something small we do everyday. Success is found in daily routine.

Day 1 - Use your senses

We lose ourselves in the focus of past and future. By focusing fully on what has happened or what needs to happen we miss the beauty of what is happening in the present moment. Slowing down, and reconnecting with ourselves is a great way to feel grounded.

Challenge for Day 1 - Any time in the day take a moment to stop what you are doing and focus on :

5 things you can see

4 things you can touch

3 things you can hear

2 things you can taste

1 thing you can smell

Do it more than once in the day if you can. Connect to your body and what is happening around you.

Day 2 - Make a list of short term goals

Not having a plan of action is like driving without a destination. If we want to achieve success and feel satisfied with our lives we need to set goals to work towards. These goals should be flexible and not all consuming - but rather provide an outline and sense of direction. Goals should always be specific, achievable, realistic, measurable and provide motivation.

Challenge for Day 2 - Make a list of short term goals that you would like to focus on until year end. These may transform into medium term goals for the new year, but for now focus on the short term.

Day 3 - Create a balance chart

Balance is key to a meaningful life. Often, without being aware of it, our lives become unbalanced, fully focused on work or others. We may lose track of who we are or want we want. We only have this life, it is possible to live a full balanced life.

Challenge for Day 3 - Take a moment to create a pie chart of the balance in your life. Your balance chart should include the following spheres:

1. Time to rest and recuperate

2. Time for physical activity

3. Time to work and learn

4. To spend with others

5. Time play and enjoy

For the day:

1. Draw a chart of your current life balance

2. Now consider how you can make this more balanced and more aligned to what you would like it to be.

Day 4 - Take a social media free day

Screen time is becoming an epidemic. As more research is conducted, we become more aware of it's affect on our brains, our productivity and our relationships. iPhone has now included a screen time counter which is very helpful to track how much time we spend on our phones. I was shocked to realise how many times I check my phone a day! Social media distracts us from our present moment, it can increase stress and decrease the closeness we share with those around us.

Challenge for Day 4 - Stay off ALL social media for 24 hours. Can you do it?

Day 5 - Do an activity just for yourself

Choosing to put ourselves first can create the fear of being selfish. However, to take care of our families and those we love, we need to be in a good mental space. Self care encourages mental resilience, thus leaving us with the extra strength for others. Putting yourself first may be the best thing you do for your family.

Challenge for Day 5 - Do one activity today that is completely for you. This activity should be something you enjoy such as a long bath, a good run or maybe buying your favourite dessert. The main goal is to enjoy the activity and take the time to be present in the moment.

Day 6 - Write down 5 personal strengths

It can be easy to focus on our shortcomings. Our critical voice always seems louder than the one motivating or building us up. Our brains develop through patterns. The more we practice something, the deeper and more automatic that pattern becomes. If you are continually bringing yourself down, you are actually enforcing negativity.

Challenge for Day 6 - Write down 5 personal strengths. Put this list somewhere you can see it often to remind yourself to reinforce positive patterns.

Day 7 - Do your favourite exercise

The topic of exercise is not a favourite for many people. However, there is a substantial amount of research confirming that exercise is good for our mental health. Some studies have even suggested that exercise is better for us than medication.

Exercise does not have to mean the gym. Any activity that increases your heart rate is exercise. This can be shopping, cleaning, hiking or going for a swim. Try to do 30 min of exercise at least 3 times a week.

Challenge for Day 7 - Choose an exercise activity you enjoy and get your heart rate pumping!

Day 8 - Eat mindfully

Click here to find out more

Mindfulness is the action of being present in our moment. Much like you did on day 1 with your senses. Mindfulness helps us to savour our moments and enjoy the small things in life. Eating is a common human experience. No matter who you are you eat every day. How often do you eat without thinking, acting on automatic? Mindful eating helps us to be aware of how and what we eat which is helpful for healthy eating as well as enjoyment.

Challenge for Day 8 - Sit down for a meal with no distractions. Use all your senses as you eat your food. Take your time with your meal, savouring each bite, feeling the bits of food in your mouth and taking in the smell. Be aware of the feeling in your stomach - you might even feel fuller faster.

Day 9 - Choose a pleasant activity

Take some time to create a list of activities you consider pleasant (positive, enjoyable, uplifting). These can be activities done by alone or with others.

Challenge for Day 9 - Choose an activity from your list and action it.

Day 10 - Plan an outing with a friend

Life can get so busy that we neglect our friendships. Friendship is an important source of comfort and support. No matter what the excuse, we should make time for the important connections in our lives.

Challenge for Day 10 - Plan an outing with a friend. This can be a close friend or someone you haven't seen in a long time. Make the time to prioritise the outing and make sure you carry through with the arrangements.

Day 11 - Learn how to focus on breathing

Slow, controlled breathing can be helpful for many situations - if you are feeling anxious, stressed, angry, overwhelmed, frustrated or even tired. Through controlled breathing we are able to lower the stress hormones in our body and encourage our bodies to calm down. This is incredibly helpful if you are feeling out of control.

Challenge for Day 11 - Find a quiet place to practice focused breathing.

Day 12 - Go a day without a complaint

Complaining is easy to do. Our brains are programmed to look for problems and work out solutions. Because of this we may become accustomed to looking for problems and voicing our displeasure about them. However, as with all things, this can become a habit of negativity, without any push to find a solution. As this patterns is repeated it becomes so automatic you may not even be aware that you are complaining.

Challenge day 12 - Commit to not complaining for the entire day. Be aware of your thoughts and try and catch yourself before the complaint is vocalised. You may be surprised to see how often you need to stop yourself.

Day 13 - Clean out a space you have been avoiding

Change is as good as a holiday! By clearing out unwanted possessions we can clear out our own feelings of stuckness. Giving old items to charity is good for others too so its a win win.

Challenge day 13 - Pick a space that you have been avoiding in your house that needs to be cleaned, cleared and/or redecorated and dedicate time to completing the task.

Day 14 - Cuddle with someone (thing) you love

Physical touch releases endorphins in our bodies that make us feel happy. Being close to people or even animals that we love, automatically releases good feelings. If you feel stressed or overwhelmed from your day - give your spouse, child, or pet a hug.

Challenge for day 14 - Take some time out for serious cuddling!

Day 15 - Practice a positive affirmation

Building a positive mindset comes from repeated positive experiences. For positivity to be automatic we need to start off by consciously activating positive thoughts.

Challenge for day 15 - Create a list of positive affirmations. Use these to motivate you when you are feeling down or stuck. Pick one affirmation that really stands out to you repeated this throughout your day.

Day 16 - Do an activity mindfully

Similar to challenges of day 1 and mindful eating, today our task is to practice mindfulness.

Challenge for day 16 - Choose a routine activity that you do everyday (such as getting dressed or driving to work) and take the time to do it mindfully. Be aware of all your senses as you do the activity. Be fully present in the moment. For example, if you are getting dressed be aware of the clothes, your body, and your environment. Connect to movement, feel, sight, sound and smell.

Day 17 - Carry out one random act of kindness

The act of kindness helps to shift our focus on to another for no gain or validation. To be truly kind can be a freeing experience, allowing us to take a step out of our own frame of reference.

Challenge for day 17 - Carry out one act of kindness - this can be for anyone - friend/stranger or even enemy. Conduct the act without any expectation of reciprocity.

Day 18 - Meditate

The act of meditation is essentially the ability to clear your mind. There are many types of meditation - some focus on guided imagery where the speaker takes you on a journey inside your mind. Or the meditation can be self directed to a place of calm, safety or nothingness. The purpose of meditation is to connect to your present, to facilitate control of your thoughts and regulation of your emotions.

Challenge for day 18 - Find a quiet place to meditate. If you are new to meditation don't get discouraged - meditation is difficult and you may find that you can only do a few minutes in the beginning. If you are new to meditation try a guided meditation clip that you can follow. You will find many on the internet. I also do a meditation component as part of the 8 week self development program (

Day 19 - Reflect on the positive memories of the year

2018 has been a tough year for many. There have been economic struggles, world struggles and I am sure you have had your fair share of personal struggles. No matter how difficult, nothing we experience is ever completely negative.

Challenge for day 19 - Spend time reflecting on your year in a positive manner. Think about the good memories of the year and the growth that has come from it. If you have had many challenges consider how you can make meaning from them and allow them to guide you in the new year.

Day 20 - Take a long bath

Relax today - you deserve it.

Day 21 - Do something you fear

Fear stems from the anticipation of an event which causes anxiety. Most of the time, the fear of the event is worse than the event itself. Fear strengths the more you feed it. The best way to reduce fear is to actively prove to your psyche that the event is not actually that bad - that you have the power to conquer it. The more you do it, the less you will fear it. If you are working on conquering a fear it is best to start off slow. Take smaller steps to feel empowered enough to take on the full event.

Challenge for day 21 - Tackle one of your fears. Start small. If you have a great fear of something create a plan with smaller steps and start today with step 1.

Day 22 - Accept something you can't change

We can't control everything in life. We can't control other people, we can't always change our contexts and there are aspects of ourselves we can't change either. Working on accepting what is out of our control allows us to make the choice to allow it. To choose to accept and find meaning or accept and let go.

Challenge for day 22 - Accept something you can't change. Consider something that has been weighing on you - maybe in relation to another person or a difficult situation. Work on accepting this and letting it go.

Day 23 - Motivate someone else

Inspiring someone else not only motivates them but helps you to feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose. We all have something to give another - a pearl of wisdom, a learning from our challenges or even a word of support and encouragement.

Challenge for day 23 - Find someone to motivate.

Day 24 - Take a walk

Connect with nature, connect with yourself, find a place of calm. Taking a walk is a wonderful way to get some exercise, be present and disconnect from the pressures of the day. Take a walk with someone else to connect interpersonally or by yourself to practice mindfulness and balance.

Challenge for day 24 - take a walk. It doesn't matter where, just get up and go!

Day 25 - Find someone that inspires you

In times of stress or disbelief in one's self it can be helpful to gain inspiration through a mentor. This may be someone you know or even following a famous figure who inspires you. Taking a step out of your own thoughts and considering what another might do or say may lead to a different viewpoint that can motivate and guide you.

Challenge for day 25 - find someone that inspires you. Consider why they are an inspiration and how this can be a motivation in your life.

Day 26 - Invest in a growth experience

Many people spend their time waiting. Waiting for the right time to study, to change jobs, to start a family, to … The problem with waiting is that there is never a perfect time, and instead of creating experiences for change and growth we allow time to pass us by uneventfully.

Challenge for day 26 - Invest in a growth experience. This can take many forms - applying for a short course, taking on an adventure, traveling to a unique place or even doing something that is out of your comfort zone. Take time today to decide, plan and book your growth


Day 27 - Plan something exciting for the new year

As you count down towards the end of 2018, create excitement for the year to come with goals and plans for 2019. Consider something you always wanted to do and take action. There is no better time than now.

Challenge for day 27 - Plan something exciting for the new year. Don't just think about it - take action, make the booking, follow through on the plans.

Day 28 - Reflect on the challenges of the year

Spend some time reflecting on the challenges you have encountered this year. As you reflect, do so with the frame of mind that focuses on growth and learning. By making meaning from the experience you can feel empowered and use it to grow.

Challenge for day 28 - Reflect on the challenges of the year with a positive outlook.

Day 29 - Be present

Use your newly developed mindfulness skills to spend the day with the focused intention of being present. Try not to focus on the past or future rather spend the day in your present moment.

Challenge for day 29 - take a pause, take a breathe and be present.

Day 30 - Let go

Letting go is a choice we make to no longer hold on to that which harms or frustrates us but to take responsibility of ourselves and make the choice to let go of our grip. Many times, what we hold on to only keeps us stuck and unable to move forward. By choosing to let go we free ourselves of excess weight and hardship.

Challenge for day 30 - take time to consider what in your life has become heavy. Think about why this has happened, what you can learn from it and make a conscious choice to leave it behind.

Well done for completing the 30 Day Mental Health Challenge. I hope you have gained a lot from the challenge. Follow us on facebook and Instagram or visit our website for more useful tips and programmes. / 081 759 4849

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