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Hi, I am Lusanda Mateza

Counselling Psychologist


The field of psychology has been a great tool in both understanding myself, the world around me as well as the interaction of both these factors. Extending this great resource to clients has been a joy in assisting them to bring about insight and clarity in their lives in a collaborative manner. 

My belief on therapy is that it is paramount to have a space that not only acknowledges but also incorporates your worldview and perspective, cultural values, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, sexual identity, and other factors that make your experience unique to you. This is especially important in ensuring a space where all of you is seen and heard, making for a holistic and encompassing view.



Mondays and Wednesdays Bedfordview



Face-to-face consultations with adults, teens and children.

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Mood Disorders



Loss and Bereavement 



More about Lusanda

When you arrive for therapy you can expect a non-judgmental, respectful and non-blaming space that is centred around using language to deconstruct stories that one may tell about themselves and the world that may bring distress. The goal here would be to have a client empowered to re-construct stories that  emphasize the client as  experts in their own lives and thus able to live their lives in accordance to their values and goals. One’s strengths are also explored in therapy as it is these that are able to sustain the therapeutic shifts made in therapy.



I completed my Masters Training at the University of Pretoria where I was trained in various therapeutic modalities. Following that, I completed my internship at the South African National Defense Force. My training and internship equipped me ample experience and knowledge on how to assist people across the lifespan with various challenges. Also, working with communities regarding mental health is a great interest of mine because therapy is a resource that not all people can access for a variety of reasons.

Challenging behavior occurs when the demands and expectations being placed upon a child outstrip the skills they have to respond
                                -Ross Greene

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