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Hi, I am Tarryn Kelmovitz

Educational Psychologist

PS 0152773
PR NO 1027816

Our life experiences form patterns of defenses that enable us to survive
the emotional pain of childhood but limit our personal potential for living
a full life.
If you, your child, or your family are in need of change, healing,
forgiveness or healthier tools to cope with a significant life event, let's
work together to get you there.

I've always been interested in people's life experiences; where they come
from, their journey towards where they are now and the meaning they have
attached to those experiences. I've met various people who, although have
similar experiences, they have different meaning attached and therefore have
been impacted differently. Therefore, I view people within their context,
circumstance and individuality. This means I work from an integrative
approach. Thus, the length of therapy is really dependant upon the reason
for referral and the individuals desire for change.



Tues - Bedfordview 

 Friday & Sunday - Boksburg

Mon - Fri - Online



Play therapy,

Teen Counselling,

Young Adult Counselling,

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Career Counselling,
Learning Challenges,

Skills development,



More about Tarryn

As an Educational Psychologist I have been trained to promote the
learning, academic performance and the behavioural, social, emotional and
career development of learners of all ages, especially children and young
people in school, educational, family and related contexts. Providing
psychological and educational assessment, diagnosis, formulation and
intervention; and working directly with learners, parents, families,
educators and other persons who teach and care for learners, to address
learning difficulties, social and emotional problems and mental health
disorders affecting learners.

Challenging behavior occurs when the demands and expectations being placed upon a child outstrip the skills they have to respond
                                -Ross Greene

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