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Hi, I am Ethelwyn Rebelo

Clinical Psychologist

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I was inspired to embark on a journey towards becoming a clinical psychologist by my own less-than-happy childhood and by being surrounded by family members, who although extremely loving towards me, were regularly depressed.


These experiences evoked an interest in understanding how and why people’s sense of well-being could be negatively affected and how they could be helped to feel better.



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Adult counselling

Couples counselling

Teen Counselling



Gender Issues/Transgender Work


Neuropsychology Assessments

Forensic Assessments

Depression & Anxiety

Dealing with Chronic Illness


More about Ethelwyn


In 1993 I graduated with a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology through UNISA and some twelve years later I completed another Masters Degree, this time in Creative Writing, through the University of the Witwatersrand. Psychology and Literature have both been my great loves because they both deal, in different ways, with the challenges of being human.


I have come to view everyone as the hero or heroine of his or her own tale. Some chapters have happy themes, some deal with difficulties. At times, the sufferings endured are so severe that the protagonist involved feels crushed and threatened with an annihilation of his or her sense of self. An individual’s understanding of his or her story may be destructive, inspiring depression, a sense of despair and hopelessness. In such instances, therapy needs to arouse the person from his or her particular nightmare, engendering a more positive and tolerant account of him or herself and perhaps others.


Novelists keep their plots moving to the end, but in real life, an individual may feel that he or she has become trapped in painful situations and perceptions. As a psychotherapist, I view my job as essentially that of aiding such folk to move on to the next chapter of their lives. Human beings need to be reminded that what they are going through is only a section of their life’s narrative. Movement, change and difference often have to be assisted. On occasion this requires a great deal of thought and intervention, on other occasions it requires only an empathic listener who offers validation and who facilitates thoughtful exploration and resolution, thereby enabling healing.

Therapeutic Experience Includes:

I have worked at numerous State hospitals and community clinics; at the Family Life Centre; Headway; and private practices in various places. My work has included the following:


  • therapy with victims of trauma;

  • working with adults suffering from mood and anxiety disorders;

  • adults struggling to cope with numerous medical conditions in hospital wards;

  • adolescents and children;

  • work at pediatric endocrinology clinic with parents of children with Disorders of Sex Development;

  • assessment of and therapy with transgender patients (assisting them to transition);

  • assessments, individual and group therapy work with renal patients;

  • pre-test assessments and therapy with people tested positive for Huntington’s Dementia and their families;

  • neuropsychological assessments; and

  • assessments for legal purposes.

Only when people start creating scenarios of possibility do they move in directions more satisfying to them and their problems become lost of much less influential

- De Jong & Kim Berg

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