Psychological Assessments


A psychological assessment involves the use of various techniques to determine or identify an individual’s emotional functioning, intellectual ability, aptitude, personality style, interests or behaviour. The type of assessment administered provides information to guide psychological interventions or treatment and inform life challenges or adjustments. Only trained and registered professionals are able to administer and interpret psychological assessments.


We offer the following psychological assessments:


Forensic Assessments

These are assessments that are used for court purposes. Forensic assessments include cases for the family court as well as cases with regard to negligence or injury.


Cognitive Assessments


Cognitive assessments encompass assessing an individual’s cognitive abilities, such as memory, problem solving, numerical ability and intellectual (IQ) functioning. Through this assessment, a professional is able to determine an individual’s cognitive strengths and developmental areas.


Developmental Assessments


Developmental assessments focus on gross motor co-ordination, hand-eye co-ordination, social interactions, attachment and language. It is recommended for children 0 to 8 years old.


Scholastic / Psycho-educational Assessments


A scholastic assessment provides a holistic view of a child’s educational performance. This assessment process evaluates a child’s thinking or reasoning ability along with her or his cognitive ability, academic achievement (for example reading, writing, mathematics), behaviour and social-emotional functioning. This is all considered in relation to the child’s developmental stage and peer group.


Subject Choice Assessments


Subject choice assessments consider an individual’s cognitive abilities, interests, and personality style as a means to determine which subjects she or he is most suited for. Additionally, thought is given to an individual’s values and study habits.


Career Assessments


This assessment process provides an indication of which vocations are best suited to an individual by assessing her or his interests, personality style, skills, values and cognitive ability. It is recommended for individuals who are ready to enter the working world and for adults in a period of career transition.


Neuropsychological Assessments


A neuropsychological assessment evaluates an individual’s cognitive functioning and is used to evaluate the consequences of brain injury or damage.

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