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Adult Counselling

What is Psychotherapy?

Many believe that seeing a psychologist is only for people suffering from a mental illness. However, you may be surprised to learn that psychotherapy has a multitude of benefits for everyone. Therapy is not only about treating mental health problems. Therapy is about facilitating wellness and growth - this is incredibly influential for change in our personal, relational and/ or vocational spheres of life.

People often turn to psychotherapy when they have unwanted behaviours, thoughts or emotions which are disrupting their everyday lives. While they typically wait until these processes are severely hampering their happiness, there is likely always room for most of us to improve on these aspects. For this reason, therapy is a good process to turn to if you are looking to change or better any of your thoughts, feelings or emotions - even if you are not in a crisis.



The world is changing, and we are all having to adapt to the 'new" normal, and those able to adapt, will see the benefits and continue to grow.

Meaningful Minds Psychologists now offer online psychotherapy sessions so if you are unsure about coming into the rooms or meeting face-to-face you can speak to someone one of our psychologists online.

When booking your appointment with us, let our Practice Manager know that you would like an online session and we will send you a Zoom link to use at the time of your appointment.

All you need is a smartphone/laptop and an internet connection.

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