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Relationship Counselling


Most couples ask this question before the journey to find a psychologist begins. The unfortunate truth is that most often, couples wait too long to get help. There is NO point in a relationship that is too early to work on growing a relationship. BUT there is a point where it is too LATE. If you and your partner have been thinking about starting this process the answer is YES. Take the plunge and allow your relationship to flourish.

Even new relationships can benefit from therapy. If we work preventatively we can build a strong foundation for a relationship to grow on. However, once the relationship is in crisis it requires much more work to build it back up again. 


Couples may seek therapy for a variety of reasons, the most common include a breakdown in communication, persistent arguments, and unsatisfied emotional needs. It is likely that one or both partners are unsure of how to resolve their differences, and with time, they may feel as though they are just existing in the relationship and no longer enjoying it.

Frustration,  disappointment or hurt may build due to an underlying issue. For some couples, there may be a point of crisis in the relationship, such as an infidelity or an unforeseen illness or loss in the family.

Therefore, the aim of couples therapy is for both partners to learn a more effective way of communicating, to gain a clearer understanding of themselves and their partner and to increase intimacy. 


Each counselling process is unique to the couple. The psychologist is a guide for the relationship, but the work needs to be done by the couple. Bare in mind that couples counselling is NOT a quick fix. Just as there have been many months or many years of patterns created within a relationship, it will take time to learn new ones. Commit to the process for the sake of your relationship. In general, counselling can take between 2 months - 12 months depending on the problems, the length of the relationship and the commitment by the partners.


However, some couples may decide that the best decision for their relationship and well-being is to separate or divorce. If this is the case, the psychologist will continue to guide you through this process - as even in ending there can be healing.

Deciding to see a psychologist is an important step in your journey, and often the hardest one. Now that you have made this decision - call us to make an appointment. Sessions can be held in person or online depending on your preference. 

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