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Workshops @ Meaningful Minds Psychologists

Meaningful Minds Psychologists holds a variety of experiential workshops throughout the year. What is an experiential workshop? It is a workshop that aims to teach skills through experience. This means a workshop that helps you through action! Each workshop will have its own focus, with the primary goal of empowering you to take the skills you have learnt and practiced into your daily life. 

Click 'book now' and let us know which workshop you are interested in.

What's Happening in 2024


24th February 2024

8am - 5:30pm

Bass Lake, Henly on Klip


What is it about?

This workshop is focused on transforming your pain to power. Through the combination of mindfulness, attention, breath and movement, we will teach you the skills to use your body to find stability and strength. The core feature of mental and physical health is the ability to keep our nervous systems regulated. That is, to balance our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. When our nervous systems are dysregulated we can feel anxious, stressed and depressed which leads to burnout and related physical health issues. In this workshop we will teach you how to regulate your nervous system through the most powerful tool you have - your breathe.


The day is mindfully laid out, with a sequential and progressive structure. Beginning with foundational skill building which will empower you to face more challenging experiences as the day progresses. Inbetween, you will be nourished with whole foods, smoothies and the beautiful views of nature. 

All activities are facilitated by professionals supporting you along the way.

Structure of the day:


Meditative Breathwork - Working on the core tool to be used throughout the day 

Integrated Bodyconnection - Connecting the breath with larger movements of the body

Ice Bath - practicing overriding our body's natural impulses


9D Breathwork Journey - see below for more info on 9D

Mindful Walk - Reflect on what you have just experienced in the 9D

Integration Circle - share your experiences and realisations and hear about others. 



What is 9D Breathwork?

The 9D breath work journey will be facilitated by certified Breath Master practitioner Wreford Beere.

This powerful modality helps to shift deep, stuck emotions. It is conducted through powerful breathing, combined with the 9 elements of sound through headphones. It is guided and facilitators hold space so everyone can feel safe in moments of vulnerability. A massive release occurs during the session which helps to create movement and flow in your life. Through this breathing method your body will be flooded with oxygen, which promotes healing from within. This journey uses the power of your breath to unlock untapped potential and promote profound self discovery. 

Who is Wreford?

With a comprehensive background in natural acupuncture and life coaching, as well as being a Breath Master Practitioner, 9D Breathwork facilitator and Juicing enthusiast, Wreford provides a specialised role for well-being and mindset shifts. He brings a unique blend of expertise to guide you on a transformative journey. 


What you will need?

  • A towel

  • Costume/alternative clothes for the icebath experience 

  • Comfortable clothes 

Water and notebooks will be provided.

Click 'book now' and let us know which workshop you are interested in.

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