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Hi, I am Cindy-Lee Norman

Clinical Psychologist


I've always maintained that psychology chose me and I've come to appreciate the complexity of the psyche, realising that each individual is unique. The psyche is multilayer therefore, the healing journey isn't linear, it encompasses moments of ups and downs and that's perfectly normal. As a therapist I enjoy co-creating meaning as an integral part of healing therefore, understanding the client in relation to self and others (context) has always intrigued me. I aim to facilitate a process whereby the therapeutic space can assist in co-creating meaning from overwhelming feelings that may debilitate the psyche. 



Bedfordview - Wed & Thur

Alberton - Tues & Sat




Adult counselling

Couples counselling

Play Therapy

Teen Counselling

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Anxiety & Mood Disorders







More about Cindy

I completed my MA Clinical Psychology at UNISA thus I am systemically trained which understands the individual in context. Im also interactionally trained therefore making meaning in the here and now inrelation to context. As part of my Master's degree training, I engaged in a lot of community work whereby I shed light on mental health and debunking myths and stigma attached to mental health related illnesses. 


I completed my internship at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital and my community service at Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital whereby I was privileged to treat a variety of mental health difficulties on both inpatient and outpatient basis. I've gained knowledge and experience in facilitating healing with Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples and Families. I've facilitated DBT groups for Adolescents and I've been exposed to under 5 therapy. 

My areas of interest include but are not limited to the following:


Perinatal Mental Health 

Under 5 Therapy 



Eating Disorders

Bipolar and related difficulties 

Trauma work

Gender and Sexuality 

Personality Disorders


I co-create meaning with Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples and Families.

We will become our opposite if we do not learn to accommodate the opposition within us

- Carl Jung

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