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Founder & Clinical Psychologist

My journey to become a clinical psychologist was motivated by my sincerest belief that every person has the ability to make a change. 

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Daniella Prado-Castro

Counselling Psychologist

The focus of my work is to provide a space where clients can empower themselves to  make changes in their lives.


Clinical Psychologist

My experiences evoked an interest in understanding how and why people’s sense of well-being could be negatively affected and how they could be helped to feel better.

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Educational Psychologist

I take a Rogerian approach to therapy in which empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard are important. I believe the person coming to therapy must be truly heard, respected and supported.


Clinical Psychologist

I am interested in how our social context brings our life experiences to bear on the development of our sense of self, and how this self is resilient and malleable, and can be continually reworked to remain spacious enough to meet our ongoing life experiences. 


Clinical Psychologist

Understanding how people cope with life, especially in extreme situations, has always interested me; hence going into psychology

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Counselling Psychologist

I believe in the potential of all human beings, and that we can become the best “us”, given the right support and opportunities.

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Counselling Psychologist

I have always been interested in how we engage and interact with each other, how we respond to the world around us, and the stories that each of us tells about our experiences. I, therefore, chose to pursue a career as

a Counselling Psychologist


Counselling Psychologist

I am deeply passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and enhancing overall wellbeing.


Clinical Psychologist

My aim is to create a warm, safe and unconditionally accepting environment for my clients. I believe that within such a space they can change. 


Specialist Counsellor

I value differences and draw from a pool of psychological theories in a way that suits specific client needs. The relationship I build with clients is the foundation of my counselling approach.


Counselling Psychologist

I take a sincere, collaborative and validating stance to my work with clients. Having been exposed to a range of therapeutic approaches, the ones that resonate with me most are narrative therapy, schema therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

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