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15 Questions to help you reflect on 2020

As we approach the end of the year, we have the perfect opportunity to reflect and consider just what we have experienced. 2020 has been an interesting year for all of us. For some it has been a difficult year with many hurdles and challenges. For others it may have been a year full of joy and bliss. Or maybe it has been a combination of both. From a global and economic standpoint it has been a tough year, filling many with anxiety. No matter the emotional rollercoaster this year has provided, there must be a time to pause and reflect.

Growth comes from our ability to look at our experiences and learn from them. To experience the positives and to learn from the negatives. History only has value if we can reflect on it to learn. Reflecting on your year is a great way to practice mindfulness and conscious living.

It can be tempting to jump straight into thoughts of the future, in order to escape the losses and struggles of the past. By taking a moment to pause and reflect you may not only learn something of value to take with you into the new year but also take stock of the positive experiences, great or small, that have come your way. As you reflect, many negative thoughts may creep in. Let them have their space, but bring your attention to the positive experiences too. A balanced mind is one that considers both ends of the scale.

Here are 15 questions to help you to reflect on your year. Take some quiet time to consider these questions. Try consider each month of your year as you reflect – you may remember valuable things you had completely forgotten.

1. What did you discover about yourself?

2. What was the best news your received?

3. Which personal qualities where the most helpful this year?

4. What were your accomplishments?

5. Where did you fail? How can you learn from this?

6. What are you the most grateful for?

7. What would you do differently?

8. Which challenges were the hardest and how did you overcome them?

9. Which worries turned out to be unnecessary?

10. Did you develop any new habits – good or bad?

11. Name six people who made the most impact in your life.

12. How did your relationships evolve over the year – with friends and family.

13. What is the status of your goals?

14. Name a few memorable experiences with friends and family.

15. If 2020 was a movie – what genre would it be (comedy, drama, thriller etc.) and what lesson would you, the main character, have learnt? Who would have played the supporting leads?

We can never turn back the hands of time – but we always have the wonderful gift of the new day with its new possibilities. By reflecting on our year, we can take on each day with greater self-awareness and balance.

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