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Why you SHOULD be interested in Mindfulness

Did you know that in the USA over half of the fortune 500 companies have mindfulness and stress resiliency programmes as part of their employee wellness? Google, Virgin, Adobe, Ebay and many other top US companies actually have mindfulness divisions including meditation rooms and 'mindful spaces' in order to increase their employee well being. Why are innovative, top performing companies turning to mindfulness for better productivity?

As a society we are stressed out - and generally not coping with the amount of stress we are under. The practice of mindfulness has been clinical proven to improve physical and mental health. Stats in the USA showed that having mindfulness practices in companies saved $2000 in health costs and gained $3000 in productivity.

What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn has described mindfulness as paying attention to the present moment with intention, while letting go of judgment, as if our life depends on it. The present is the only real moment we have. And, in fact, our life may actually depend on it.

Thus not only should we be practicing mindfulness, we actually NEED to be practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness practice is proven to:

Reduce stress

Increase resiliency

Assist communication

Improve ones ability to focus

Increase productivity

Increase health well being

Improve leadership capabilities and job performance

The practice of mindfulness trains our brains to stop wandering and teaches us how to bring it back to focus. This actually creates physical changes in our brains allowing for real, visible improvement. Mindfulness is essentially gym for your brain. Just as working out increases strength, physically changes your muscles, reduces stress and facilitates improved fitness - mindfulness practices changes the way our brains work helping to stop dysfunctional ways of thinking that keep us trapped. By combating stress it also decreases burnout, sickness, depression and anxiety - thus lowing medical costs.

Core components of mindfulness bring about


Emotional regulation

Engagement in our present moment




Improved confidence

Increased emotional intelligence

Why you should be interested in Mindfulness

1. Healthier living

2.Growth in higher order brain functioning

3. Increased self esteem

4. Reduces bad habits

5. Puts you back in control of your own life

Meaningful Minds Psychologists focuses on mindfulness. We offer workshops for individuals and companies, as well as individual sessions. Don't miss out on our 8 week workshop.

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