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10 Quick tips on how to approach an exam paper

At Meaingful Minds,we see many people facing stress and anxiety when approaching exams or tests. If you know of any students like these, then these 10 quick tips on how to apprach an exam or test is for you.

1. Keep reassuring yourself that you know your work.

2. Have a good sleep the night before the test and a good breakfast the day of the test (Bananas are a good option).

3. Wake up early to avoid rushing.

4. Try not to cram before the test as this is sending messages to your brain that you are not sure of your work.

5. Take five minutes to read through the whole exam.

6. Start with the questions that you already know. This will help you feel more confident with the rest of the questions and leave you with more time to remember or to think about the questions that you may find more challenging.

7. If you blank during tests, calm yourself down and try your best. Remember you cannot do better than your best. When you start writing information will pop back into your head.

8. Some tests (like maths) give marks if you show how you got to the answer.

9. Make sure you write down as many points as the mark allocation requires. 10. Remember that you have done your preparation and so you have nothing to fear!

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