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How to respond to cyberbullying

In today’s society where we are surrounded by technology, cyberbullying has become a prevalent problem. Haley from Meaningful Minds Psychologists discusses how to respond when cyberbullying happens to your child.

How to respond to Cyberbullying:

  • Do not reply to the cyberbully: No matter how hurtful or untrue the messages, videos or posts are.

  • Do not seek revenge: There could be serious legal consequences if you were to fight back using the same methods as the cyberbully.

  • Save the evidence: Keep the abusive emails or text messages. Take a snapshot of the web page or other abusive posts that were sent to you. Keep all the sources as evidence (that can be used against the cyberbully) and seek appropriate legal advice.

  • Report threats of harm or inappropriate sexual messages: Those types of threats and messages can be reported to the police and the cyberbully can be legally prosecuted.

  • Consistency is key: You need to report every cyberbullying incident

  • Block and Delete: You can block the cyberbully’s email address, cell phone number and delete them from your social media contacts. Try reporting them to their internet service provider (ISP), social media or any websites they use to bully you.

  • Report to a trusted adult: The adult may be able to help you, and your school may have protocols for dealing with cyberbullies.

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