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How to inspire those around you

Be it your partner, child, friend, family member or colleague everyone needs someone to inspire the best within them. Not only does encouragement motivate others, its fuels positivity, promotes good relationships and builds confidence. By inspiring others- parents can encourage their children to accept and learn from mistakes, and partners can develop the courage to be imperfect and love who they are.

1. Focus on strengths, efforts and improvements - Instead of focusing on what is going wrong or what needs to be improved on, start off with the positive. Find one thing, each day, in yourself and those around you, that motivates. Often people believe that criticism motivates. It doesn’t. Criticisms breaks down and develops fears of not ‘being good enough’. Rather focus on the person’s strengths, acknowledge what they have already achieved and build on that.

2. Encourage rather than praise - The greatest inspiration comes from within. To truly encourage is to help people find their internal source of strength. Praise is an external motivator- it comes as a source of reward and places value judgement on the person. However, encouragement develops internal motivation and promotes self-confidence –Saying things like, “That’s a tough one, but I’m sure you’ll work it out,” or “I can see how hard you tried to solve that,” or even “Thank you for your effort,” can make the world of difference.

3. Mirror what you would like to see in others - As the saying goes, “Be the change you want to see in the world!” The highest expectations are placed upon those we love the most. Often people expect perfection from their children or partners. Before you think of the other, ask yourself- am I the best communicator? Do I scream and shout and expect others to act differently? To be a true inspiration - practice what you preach. Be a mirror of what you want to see in your environment.

4. Be a support - We all make mistakes. If you are looking for something to judge in yourself or others, you won’t have to look very far. But, what change does that bring? Rather be a support, make a positive impact on someone’s life and do something that is greater than you.

5. Trust - To inspire is to truly believe in the other person. To trust builds confidence and belief. Trust allows mistakes to be made and it allows second chances. Not only does this apply to others, but it also applies to ourselves. To be inspired means to trust our gut, to trust our beliefs and to trust that we are worth being inspired.

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