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Self Development


Increase your emotional intelligence to improve daily living, strengthen your relationships and generally flourish! 

We are currently experiencing a time of great uncertainty and anxiety. From health concerns to financial concerns - we are facing unknown adversities that may seem overwhelming. The best way to combat these anxieties is to strengthen your mental health resources. This program focuses on growing and strengthening resilience by working on your thoughts and emotions - generally increasing emotional intelligence. Through a combination of DBT, CBT and Neuropsychology the self development program gives you a multiple of techniques to both cope and change. 

Start today and focus on your own self development which will be beneficial to you now and in the future. By increasing emotional intelligence we can combat symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The course also focuses on relationships and will help you to improve your communication and conflict resolution skills as well as to better understand those around you. 

Download a copy of our mental health guide for a taste of what the program entails

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How it works

  • The programme runs for 8 weeks.

  • Each day an email will be sent to you with information and skills for change & inspiration.

  • As all information is sent via email, you can save it and you can go at your own pace.

  • All you need is 15 minutes a day 

  • Direct email contact with a clinical psychologist is included

  • Only R350 for the entire program.


How does change happen?

Just as a muscle needs frequent strength training to become stronger, our brains need frequent ‘thought gym’ to create change. By practicing skills daily we are able to actually change the structure of our brains. This program changes the structure of your brain by facilitating the creation of new patterns.

How Change Happens

Watch Psychologist Chevonne discuss how we can change our behaviours by changing our brain patterns. 

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What will I gain

  • Knowledge on how to set and stick to goals

  • Skills to change the way you think

  • Understanding of people to improve your relationships

  • Control over your emotions

  • Techniques for balance and inner peace

  • Improved decision making and communication

  • Techniques to reduce stress and increase power of your actions

  • Increased self awareness for improved confidence

  • Skills to continue long term change

 To Begin Your Self Transformation Journey 

Make a quick and easy payment of R350 and your first email will be sent directly to you.

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