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Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance

Parenting is challenging. Raising little humans takes a lot of thought, patience and emotional regulation. Most parents do not have the necessary skills to raise their children with psychological well being in mind. There is no manual that we are given to help raise children. Generally, we use what was modelled to us by our parents - or we do the exact opposite. At the same time as molding our children we are also trying to cope with our own emotions, work and relationships. Why do we feel we need to do this on our own?

90 percent of the problems we see in children can be helped with proper parental guidance. Teaching parents mindful discipline is the best way for us to prevent future mental health problems. 

If you are interested in learning more about parenting please contact us. We offer workshops as well as one on one sessions.

What will parental guidance cover?

Parenting with the idea of creating experiences for learning

Understanding your child’s brain and how they learn and react

Understanding the messages behind misbehaviour and how to use it as a means of communication

The importance of connection to help children move from reactivity to receptivity

Using encouragement in discipline

Connection with limits and without spoiling – teaching boundaries for self and other

Acknowledging your own ‘stuff’ as a parent and how that influences how you parent

Communication skills for discipline

Steps in the connection cycle

Problem solving strategies for all ages

Natural and logical consequences

Dealing with tantrums

Redirection strategies as alternatives

Understanding your emotions and your history in the way you parent

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