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Our 6-week anger management programme can help with recognizing the signs of anger and handling triggers in a positive way.

When your anger is out of control, you create problems not only for yourself but also for others.
When your stress is out of control and you feel overwhelmed, anxious and experience an inability to cope.

Acknowledging you have a problem with your anger is better than continuing to deny it. Perhaps those around you who have said you need to go and see someone are correct in what they are telling you! 


Take the next step and get some support with our 6-week anger management programme. Working one-on-one with our therapist will give you a better insight into your anger and your behaviour. We will assist you with the tools and skills to help you recognise the signs of you anger and handle triggers in a positive way.

Let us help you manage your anger and reduce your stress.

  • The programme runs for 6 weeks. (Bought as a package)

  • You will have a weekly appointment with one of our psychologists


  • Manage factors that may make you more likely to get angry, such as improving sleep so you're not tired and keeping stress low by using stress management skills

  • Identify situations that are likely to set you off and respond in nonaggressive ways before you get angry

  • Learn specific skills to use in situations likely to trigger your anger

  • Recognize when you aren't thinking logically about a situation, and correct your thinking

  • Calm yourself down when you begin to feel upset, for example, by using relaxation skills or taking a break

  • Express your feelings and needs assertively (but not aggressively) in situations that make you feel angry

  • Focus on problem-solving in frustrating situations — instead of using energy to be angry, you'll learn how to redirect your energy to resolve the situation

  • Communicate effectively to defuse anger and resolve conflicts

If you would like to speak to someone about anger management or any other concerns contact us on 081 759 4849 or

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