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The Mind Gut Connection

Meet Ezette she will be providing us with helpful information about food and the impacts it has on our mental health. 

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Im a registered dietitian and qualified from the North West University in 2006.  I have been in the public and private sector since I qualified.  I began my private practice in 2017 and found my passion in functional nutrition, and to understand the root cause of my patients health concerns.  


There is misunderstanding of how food can affect our mental health and we tend to separate the brain from the rest of our body.  Our daily food choices can have a great impact on how well we are able to concentrate, remember as well as our emotions and it is something that Im really passionate about.

Interesting fact about me:  I have a secret obsession with recipe books and can’t help myself from buying them.

Read more about Ezette and her Mindful Nutrition services at

If you would like to book a session with Ezette to discuss nutrition and how to develop your mindful eating habits send her an email 

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