Hi, I am Nisha Rodgerson

Clinical Psychologist

PS 014855 / PR 1015761


It is a hard and powerful choice to want to be better, to want to grow, to change what no longer works for you. Therapy is a vulnerable process that requires bravery and courage to work toward the moments of realization that are not always easy. As a therapist, I am honoured to be a guide in each clients unique journey of discovery as they evolve. 



Bedfordview & Online

 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday



Adult counselling

Couples counselling

Play Therapy

Teen Counselling

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Self Exploration

Depression (MDD and MDE)


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In a kind, consistent and safe space clients are able to break cycles and have corrective experiences. This is what I am to create with my clients in therapy. I believe that it is through the practice of self-compassion and mindfulness that clients are able to create a different life and have the courage to own it.


As a person, I have a passion for giving, serving, and helping people. Psychology as a discipline and practice has allowed me to live this passion. In my work as a therapist, I aim to assist each client in reaching their intrinsic potential. I assist children, adolescents and adults who experience a range of psychological difficulties. My areas of interest include (but are not limited to) depression, anxiety, stress, personality difficulties, trauma, and self-improvement. My main modalities of practice are psychodynamic as well as integrating cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy. I am passionate about preventative holistic mental health care, and I believe that early intervention should be prioritized.

Qualifications (Stellenbosch Uni):

  • BA Humanities

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education

  • BA Honours Psychology


  • MA Clinical Psychology (Rhodes Uni)

Treatment of the client as a whole is important as I believe that all parts of us are intimately interconnected, and we do not exist in isolation.