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Life Coaching



Life coaching is a term used for a counselling type situation in which the goal is personal growth and development. Personal growth is a journey of exploration through your identity, talents, potential, dreams and aspirations in order to achieve feelings of fulfilment and satisfaction.​

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You might find yourself feeling stuck, lost or confused within your current context or maybe you just feel that you would like to know yourself better. By focusing on personal growth you will develop greater self-awareness (understanding of your reactions, motivations, needs and wants) and with this awareness, greater self-control (the ability to take charge over your goals and choices). Through achieved self-awareness comes the ability to accept what we can’t change within ourselves and not only find peace but also use this acceptance to live a meaningful life.

When looking for someone to guide you through your personal growth journey, you might not have thought to look for a psychologist. There is a common misconception that psychologists only help people with mental health problems. However, a psychologist can be the right person to help you understand yourself in a way that leads to improved self-awareness, greater performance and life change.​


1. Psychologists study for an average of 7 – 8 years. During this time, much focus is given to understanding the human mind, motivations and interactions with the other. Thus self-actualisation, self-awareness, and personal growth is a large part of what we study. Due to our training we are also able to work with your unconscious processes. This is an essential part of self-awareness and growth. If we can’t help in making your unconscious conscious then you will continue to live without awareness and understanding of your actions. A psychologist can help you understand hidden processes which can shed light on previously misunderstood reactions.

2. By studying disorders and by helping people who do have mental health problems we are able to have a greater understanding of prevention and problem solving. Just as doctors not only treat illness but also work on preventative health care – psychologists want to work with people toward self-actualisation and growth. By doing this we can prevent problems like anxiety, depression, conflicts and general low self-worth.

3. Working with a psychologist will give you a new perspective. Have you ever been stuck on a problem at work that seems to be easy solved by a fresh set of eyes and ears? Therapy does just that. It gives a different perspective which can create different pathways for change.

4. Psychologists understand the neuropsychology behind brain functioning. This means our methods and actions are guided by scientific research on brain change. Through our growing understanding of how therapy works to improve neural pathways and undo problematic pathways from previous functioning – we are able to facilitate a process for you guided by years of research.

Still unsure if seeing a psychologist is right for you? Why don’t you give it a try, there is really nothing to lose. As psychologists, we wish more people would come and see us before they are in crisis. It is much easier and faster to guide a person when they still have inner resources and the motivation for change. We all want a more meaningful life. You deserve to start this journey toward a more enlightened you.

If you would like to make an appointment to begin your personal growth journey give us a call. However, if you are still hesitant why don’t you take a look at our self-development program for adults

If you would like to speak to someone about life coaching contact us on 081 759 4849 or


Have a look at our psychological and mental health resources.

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