Hi, I am Jo Coertzen

Educational Psychologist

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I am passionate about education and enjoy working with children of all ages, as well as adolescents. As a former high school English teacher, I’m well aware of the challenges that children face academically, developmentally, socially and emotionally throughout their school years.


As an Educational Psychologist, I provide therapeutic support for children and adolescents using a person-centred approach and include play therapy for younger clients. I have a special interest in anxiety, emotional regulation, mindfulness, self-development and social development.



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Social Development

Self Development

Learning Challenges

Career Counselling

I am an Educational Psychologist providing therapy for children of all ages, including adolescents. I believe in working to support children in every area of development to assist them in reaching their cognitive, academic, emotional and social potential. I provide psychoeducational assessments to identify barriers to learning and determine what assistance a child needs in terms of school placement, learning support, and/or accommodations in tests and examinations. I have a special interest in career counselling and provide career assessments for people of all ages, including high school learners, young adults and adults already in the workplace.

I also provide an array of assessments, including:


  • Psychoeducational assessments to determine whether a child has special education needs, what school environment they would be best suited to, and what day-to-day academic support they need most.


  • Accommodations (concessions) assessments for adolescents (Grade 8 to Matric) to determine whether a child qualifies for accommodations in formal tests and examinations, such as additional time, a reader, a scribe, a Mathematics exemption, etc.


  • Subject choice assessments to assist Grade 9 learners in choosing their subjects for Grade 10 based on their interests, personality and aptitude.


  • Career assessments and career counselling for high school learners, young adults, and adults considering a career change or adjustment based on interests, personality and aptitude. I use the career story and life design approach to career counselling, where I love to assist people in constructing the story that they would like to tell about themselves and their future careers.

It is in playing and only playing, that the individual child or adult is able to be creative 

- Donald Winnicott