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Welcome To Meaningful Minds Psychologists

Meaningful Minds Psychologists 1200 x 800 Colour 3%-01.png

Is Psychotherapy for you?

You have found our page because you know that your life could be better. You may be feeling stuck, alone or hopeless and are looking for ways to create change and get support. Or you may be curious about how psychotherapy can help you to grow and reach your full potential.


Maybe there is a problem within your relationship or with your child and you need outside support. Through counselling, we will help you to identify how to make progress and create a life of meaning.

Therapy is a commitment to change. The number of sessions needed depends on each person but generally, the therapy process can take between 2 months - 12 months. Remember meaningful, long-term change takes time.


Our psychologists assist individuals, couples and children to find balance in their lives. We have offices in Gauteng and KZN, as well as online assistance. We also offer assessments and workshops to meet your holistic needs.

If you are still unsure about psychotherapy read more about our services or download our FREE mental health guide. 

Meaningful Minds Psychologists 1200 x 800 Colour 3%-01.png

What form of psychotherapy are you looking for?

Not sure about psychotherapy? Looking for a specific service?

Find out more about what we offer.

Our Rates

We are contracted in with most major medical aids. To find out if we are contracted in with your medical aid or if you would like us to check your current mental health funds please contact us.

If we are not contracted in with your medical aid, we request that you make payment upfront. We will then provide you with an invoice which you may use to claim back from your medical aid.


For couples

55 min session


For adults and children
55 min session​


Medical Aid claims are claimed at the medical aid rate. Different medical aids vary with their charges. Contact us if you would like to know what your medical aid charges.

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