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Help your child prepare for play therapy with a story book. Download it here

The goal of play therapy

Play therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach used to help children ages 5 to 12 explore their lives and freely express repressed thoughts and emotions through play. Therapeutic play normally takes place in a safe, comfortable playroom, encouraging  free expression and allowing the therapist to observe the child’s choices, decisions, and play style. Games, toys and mediums such as clay, drawings and paint are used to enable such expression.​

The goal is to help children learn to express themselves in healthier ways and discover

new and more positive methods to solve problems. Children use non-verbal communication to express themselves. For this reason, it is important that when dealing with children we enter their world at their level of communication. This is why the medium of play is utilized.

Rather than having to explain what is troubling them, as adult therapy usually expects, children use play to communicate at their own level and at their own pace, without feeling interrogated or threatened. 

Therapy for teens

As teens grow, they are continually in the process of developing the social skills and emotional intelligence necessary to lead healthy, happy lives. If they experience emotions or engage in behaviours that interfere with their happiness and ability to thrive, they may benefit from meeting with a psychologist.

Adolescence is an important period in development, as it is the time in which we develop our identities – who we are. In this phase adolescents become more independent, push boundaries and begin to

form identities based on experimentation with new behaviours and roles. Puberty usually occurs during this stage, bringing with it a host of physical and emotional changes. Changes during these often volatile adolescent years may strain parent-adolescent relationships, especially when new behaviours go beyond experimentation and cause problems at school or home, or if emotional highs and lows persist and lead to experiences such as anxiety or depression.




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All Meaningful Minds Psychologists rooms adhere to strict COVID-19 protocols.


The world is changing, and we are all having to adapt to the 'new" normal, and those able to adapt, will see the benefits and continue to grow.

Meaningful Minds Psychologists now offer online psychotherapy sessions so if you are unsure about coming into the rooms or meeting face-to-face you can speak to someone one of our psychologists online.

When booking your appointment with us, let our Practice Manager know that you would like an online session and we will send you a Zoom link to use at the time of your appointment.

All you need is a smartphone/laptop and an internet connection.

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